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HR Policies

One of the most powerful respect of our company is the value that attach to human. Our company give particular importance to employee satisfaction in all field from training, charging, awarding and social activities to pleasant office atmosphere.

As human resources we carry out the evaluation with both the qualifications and perfections that required for related position. Analytical thinking, working as team, result oriented and etc. compose your perfection criteria as education, foreign languages and similar work experiences are your qualifications.

The most important perfections that are valid for all positions and also we pay attention in hiring criteria are dynamism and to be positive result and gain oriented as both team leader and team member.

We see the perseverance of our employee as the symbol of our corporate power. If you believe that you will create a difference and request to be our team member, please apply to us.

Izmir Headquarter Tel: +90232 4337230 • Istanbul Sales Office Tel: +90212 6125545 • Bursa Sales Office Tel: +90224 4434380
Ulucak Central Warehouse Tel: +90232 8771390 • info@bilginoglu-endustri.com.tr