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Company Profile
Bilginoglu Endüstri was established by Mechanical Engineer Ercan Bilginoğulları in 1973 to supply high quality and reasonable priced industrial equipments with superior service quality to Turkish leading end users. Today, Bilginoğlu Endüstri has become one of the leading company with its applications and innovations in its market.
The headquarters is located in İzmir 1.Sanayi Sitesi and Central Warehouse in Ulucak. Besides Bilginoğlu has two sales offices and showrooms in İstanbul and Bursa. We are pleased to give you the best service with our customer request and quality oriented company principle.
 Our Vision:    
To be the best European distributor of our suppliers.
Our Mission:
To be the leading company in Turkey with our technical support, service - delivery network, authorized staff and wide product range in three main group (quality control equipments, cutting tools and foundry materials)
Our sales and marketing department
consists of three main division;
• Quality control equipments
• Cutting tools
• Foundry materials
Since the foundation, making all investments in technology and infrastructure; Bilginoğlu Endüstri has established an effective sales organization with its authorized technical staff, IT systems, wide range of product stock, order following system, repair-calibration service, technical documentation.
The products in our sales program are shown in our showrooms (Izmir, Istanbul and Bursa) and warehouse. If it is required we per form demonstration and sample measurement practice.
Consequently, the customer purchase the instrument which is technically appropriate for their needs and has the highest price performance rate.
In our marketing activities, sales is not our first target but it is the result of our qualified service. We think that in nowadays Turkish market the competition becomes intense day by day and this is the only way to prevent our place in the market and increase our customer portfolio.
Bilginoğlu endüstri is Turkish representative of world leading manufacturers in Quality control equipment market. Our Quality Control Sales Team respond satisfyingly the requests of the customers through the following product groups:
• Portable and non portable 3D Coordinate Measuring Instruments
• Measuring and Fixturing systems and Measurement Softwares
• Gearing Test Systems
• Laser Marking Instruments
• Form, Vision and Hardness Measuring Instruments
• Hardness Test Blocks
• Linear Scales, Laser Scan Micrometers
• Various Small Measuring Tools
• Coating Thickness Measuring Instruments and Probes
• Spectrometer and Certificated Samples
• Optical Inspection Systems
• Granite plates and stands
• Universal Length Measurement Systems
• Universal Material Testing Systems
• Mechanical and Digital Force Gauges
• Polymer Testing Machines
• Ultrasonic hardness and thickness measuring Instruments
• X-Ray analysis and coating thickness measuring instruments
• Linear Measurement Systems and Probes
• Special purpose Measuring systems
• Thread gauges
Our specialist sales staffs works with the customer in every part of the sales period and try to offer what they really need to purchase. We perform demonstrations in our Izmir, Istanbul and Bursa showrooms or if required in the customer site.
Our technical staff does detailed measurement with samples of customer and the report of the measurement is sent. Thus the most appropriate instrument are selected and the customer is informed about the instrument.
Furthermore, repairment and maintenance are done in our technical service department and the calibrations are working under an agreement with a specialized company in calibration.
Technical consultancy; “each conversation makes progress.”
We are always in the service of our customers for their questions and problems with our specialized technical staff.
In our periodical business trips to Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa and the other cities, we visit our customers, determine their problems and needs; and offer our solutions to them. During these visits we inform them about the new instruments to make them follow new Technologies.
"not even one µm deviation from our promise."
Maintenance; “without time waste”
We repair free of charge all guaranteed Mitutoyo products that you bought from us. We price economically your unguaranteed tools. In our technical service department, our engineers and technicians are trained by Mitutoyo and they improved their selves for the possible questions and problems. After repairment, tools are checked with the gauges and calibration instruments of Mitutoyo and delivered to customer when the accuracy values are in the limits. Besides, we repair Grand instruments at customer site such as 3D Coordinate Measuring, Profile Projectors, Roundtest, Surftest and Contracer instruments and control them with Mitutoyo gauges and calibration instruments.
We reduce your production and time loss in our repairments both at Bilginoğlu and your site. Your measuring tools are repaired quickly and reliably with our specialist staff.
Cutting Tool Division Sales Department promotes for advanced products which provide decrease in costs and also increase in production capacity and quality at the present competitive market conditions . The product group is trying to improve and perform better day by day in consultancy with the customer needs and also they try to provide creative alternatives. We make sure that the product appropriate for your needs is always available in our stocks. Please contact us in order to benefit from our information and support , which we are always ready to provide for you. Our product groups which include worldwide products are as follows.
• Cermet, coated and uncoated inserts
• Coated and uncoated ceramic inserts
• Turning tool holders
• Milling Cutters
• HSS and Carbide End mills
• HSS taps for through and blind holes
• Machine Taps, Drills, End Mills
• Tooling System for NC and CNC Machines
• Knurling wheels and tools
• Deburring Systems
• Lathe Chucks, Machine Vices, Tailstock Centers, Chucks
Our staff is constantly working to determine the most appropriate products in order to provide our customers’ production needs at this dynamic market in which the new and different quality groups of materials are constantly presented. Products determined in consultancy with the customer needs are tested at the customer’s machine by working together with the customer and our experienced staff in order to determine the most appropriate products which provide optimum cutting conditions. The requested products are assured to be delivered to our customers from our strong stocks at any stage of the production process where even a split second is of extreme value. Besides, we always welcome every kind of suggestion and feedback information, always realizing that, you as our customer have the information and experience which we can learn from you.
Our staff is well aware of the fact that, every kind of benefits and profits we provide to our customer during production process, will be our mutual profit in the long run.
Our foundry materials department has brought raw materials, auxiliary and foundry chemical materials from Turkish or foreign manufacturers and importers of Iron, Steel and Non-Iron Metal Foundry. You can get information from our salesmen about our product range, sales policy, payment conditions. You will be satisfied with our product range.
• Foundry crucibles
• Furnace lining materials
• Baffle Board
• Graphite Rotor Systems
• Thermocouple Sheaths
• Riser tubes
• Foundry Chemical Materials
• Inoculants for Pig and Sphero Foundry
• Low carbon steel shots
• Graphite and Carbons
• Metals and Metal alloys, Ferro Alloys
• Aluminum Master Alloys
Our aim is to meet customer needs as soon as possible from our stock and inform of new Technologies in order to increase quality in production, take preventive measures for increasing the costs. Therefore our salesmen visit the customers continuously to solve their problem at their site and present our new products with samples.


Izmir Headquarter Tel: +90232 4337230 • Istanbul Sales Office Tel: +90212 6125545 • Bursa Sales Office Tel: +90224 4434380
Ulucak Central Warehouse Tel: +90232 8771390 • info@bilginoglu-endustri.com.tr