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Quality and Certificates
Our quality policy is as follows:
      Ø Customer satisfaction
      Ø To fulfill legal obligations
      Ø Product quality and reliability
      Ø Consistency to conditions and requirements from company
It should be known that achievement will carried out and expanded with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and total quality management. Our quality aim is deal with in the review of management meeting by our top management with the aim of continuous improvement.
We are sure that our employees will put in practice our quality policy and aims to their life in the future as in the past. 


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Gnr Taşlama ve Parlatma Makinası 19-07-2010
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Mitutoyo Endüstriyel Amaçlı Veri Kontrol ve Aktarım Sistemi

Izmir Headquarter Tel: +90232 4337230 • Istanbul Sales Office Tel: +90212 6125545 • Bursa Sales Office Tel: +90224 4434380
Ulucak Central Warehouse Tel: +90232 8771390 • info@bilginoglu-endustri.com.tr